Mile High Football Camp
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 "Jay Cutler"  Campers In Action
 Camp Directors Chuck & John Pagano  "Oklahoma Drill"
 "Drew Brees"  "James Lofton" Hall of Fame
Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman
John Lynch - Speaking to Campers Shaun Phillips - SanDiego Chargers Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman  Coach Carski, Coach Embree, Coach Hill
 Camper David Carski  Coach Colter working with campers
 John Pagano and John Lynch  Jagger Pagano & Mariano Kemp
 Coach Rutherford coaching campers  Coach Hill with Camper Tank running a drill
"Charles Johnson" Drew Brees John Pagano, Marshal Faulk, and Sam Pagano
Ed McCaffrey Marshal Faulk Steve Young Coach Rutherford, Coach Vogt, Coach Vermillion
Vinny Testaverde Mike Shanahan Charlie, Bill, Sam, and Chuck Coach Velli, James, and Darian
Peyton Manning Coach Pagano Vinny Testaverde and camper Rodney Peete, Barry Saunders, and Sam Pagano
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